To live my life

It’s so busy everywhere,
Where’s the quiet?
I long for days past, quiet times,
Work with your hands and sit
Outside and
Listen to nature or
Nothing times.
The problem with longing for the good old days is
If those good old days people lived today,
They’d be no different than us. They’d
Have smart phones and Instagram,
They’d play Minecraft and Roblox. They’d watch
Way too much tv and listen
To terrible music. We are
All products of our generation,
Our culture, and marketing
Schemes. They would
Be too. We can’t get away from it. We can only
Love the life we have been given in
The time that we were given and walk
Slowly, eyes open,
Ignoring what we should ignore, embracing
What we should embrace. We
Can’t live for times past. We
Can’t idealize people. We
Can only live


  1. I don't long for the people of the good old days but for the culture, the quiet, the smaller cities, the old ways, the handmade ways. Little local shops. Hardly any plastic. When I think back on those times I never really include the actual people, lol.

    But I also think we have so many benefits now that weren't available then, I'd never want to actually go back. I'd just like to bring some of the old-fashioned goodness into our culture now. Maybe it's possible, considering how many people feel the same.

    Interesting thoughts, and a beautiful photo. :-)

  2. It's true. But I think we have the advantage of knowing how other people lived, so we can craft the best life from both worlds. We can choose to watch if we want, but we can also choose not to, or somewhere in between. Personally, I'm aiming for a lot of old-fashioned quiet with a sprinkle of modern entertainment and connection in there. :)