But what?

i find it hard to live and not be overwhelmed by injustice.
it hurts, you guys.
watching black men be gunned down by law enforcement.
watching peaceful native Americans trampled by law enforcement while
just trying to protect their land and all of our water.
children in extreme poverty.
men who work ridiculously hard only to not make ends meet.
i don't know how to find peace anymore.
i don't know how to offer peace.
im so distraught.
i want to do something.
but what can I do?

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  1. I feel these same feelings. They can lead to despair and bitterness, or they can lead to goodness and peace. What can I do? I can love my family and my neighbors and make every word, every action a kindness in their lives. I can pick up broken threads and knit them back together. I can listen. I can hold a hand. I can make a meal. I can pray. I can be warmth and gentleness and create a soft place to land in a cold, hard, unjust world. ♥