hey, it's wilder

i forgot to tell you guys....

Wilder Ocean was born November 8 at 7:12 pm.
9 pounds 3 ounces
22 3/4 inches
Born at home, in the water after a 4 hour labor.
He's beautiful, calm and amazing.
God is good.



  1. He is so sweet. I love his handknits. Beautiful family!!!

  2. Congratulations Amy (and family)! Welcome Wilder. : ) I was thinking about you and hoping all was well. I can see it now... Thank you so much for sharing all the beautiful pictures. Wishing you all the best! xoxox Marie and family

  3. He's beautiful! Congratulations!

  4. Amy, He is just perfect! ~Congratulations~
    You look just lovely, and I love daddy/ baby sleeping pictures! I took one very similar to that today, in fact :-)

    You have a precious crew there.

    You are loved friend!