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i have this boy who doesn't really like rhythm and structure and yet
he thrives off of it and needs it.
and so this school year we have decided to embrace that and jump
full in to the grade 5 curriculum from waldorf essentials.  

i was a little hesitant to go this route with him at first.
yes, we already had a waldorf inspired lifestyle and
yes, the twins had been following the waldorf essentials curriculum for
the past couple of years but
with him i foresaw difficulty, struggle and resentment. 
because let's face it, i am a peaceful/gentle/attached parent and for me,
sometimes that means push over.  not intentionally,
but i often find it hard to stand my ground, even when i know i need to stand.
in the past we have had many beginnings where i was determined because
i knew it was right and then the struggles of my boy convinced me otherwise.
and so, i thought, why even start? do i have the strength to keep going?

but we began.  as always, the first day was lovely,
followed by an awful, hair-tearing day.
the first day he was ready, he was willing,
the next he questioned everything and wondered why he had to do this and that,
he flat out refused to do one activity and tore up his paper.
this is typically when i second guess myself.
but not this time.
i had been working my way through the mom lessons in waldorf essential's tfw program and
finally, my heart and head were on straight.  i could still be caring and compassionate towards him,
could still follow peaceful parenting principles and yet, remember the gentle authority and
the boundaries we had established. 
i knew this was right.
and so we kept on.

on day three i think he was surprised we were continuing these lessons but that
surprise gave him pause.  if we were continuing after the previous day,
maybe there was something to this.  he even told me, "i don't know why i was so upset
yesterday.  this block is geography and geography is one of my favorite subjects."
and so we made it through day 3.

so here we are.  middle of week 2.  there have been a couple more rough spots but
honestly, he's doing great.  his main lesson book is lovely and creative with a bit of
his comic flair.  he's interested in his subject and sometimes dives a bit deeper than we
are going.  he asked to begin handwork with finger knitting (which he has always loved)
instead of knitting (which has always been a source of frustration for him) and i agreed.
he's embracing the rhythm of our days and i find him to be more at peace than he had been
in a while.

there is so much gold, simplicity and beauty in this curriculum and i'm so looking forward to where
grade 5, grade 2, kindergarten and the tfw program (wow, we're doing a lot!) are going to take
us this year.  i'm not even worried about when baby is born at this point because we have our
rhythm down, lessons planned and happy children.

"receive the child in reverence;
educate them in love;
let them go forth in freedom." 
-rudolf steiner

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