some beauties of its own

Solstice is here and the world outside my windows is
not white,
unless you count the consuming fog that settles
each night and fades in sunshine.
We foster awareness in our children of
changing seasons, of cycles of the moon, of
creation's rhythms. We thank God for sunrise each day and
sunset each night.  Knowing the dependability of creation,
the rhythms of the earth and that everything has a season,
draws deep peace in the lives of our family and
reminds us of what a small part we are of the world,
of life.

As a child I had no concept of nature's rhythms.  I marked
time by Christmas and summer vacation,
everything else blended together as long
splotches of useless, boring time.  Living in California,
I wasn't even very aware of changes in the weather;
it was chilly in the mornings, warmed up during the day and
cooled off again at night.  Year round.

I lived without reverence for the world around me and
the God that created it.  I used, consumed, and imagined my
future; glamorous, successful, self-seeking.  A product of
American culture, I lived for myself, I dreamed for myself.

Glory be to God,
He showed me another way.  He opened my eyes first to
His love, then to His grace,
then to His creation and finally,
the musical rhythm of everything.
Life was no longer about what I could do and get, no,
it was about playing my part in the symphony of creation,
joining with life's rhythms, glorifying the Great Composer.

Tip toeing through each day, mindfully acknowledging life's music with
celebration, books, poetry, music, food, prayer and observation,
we live a life of awe, of mystery, of peace, of
delight in God and His creation and
the beautiful, rhythmic patterns of life.
Eyes open, hands open, deep breath.

"Nature gives to every time and season some beauties of its own." ~ Charles Dickens


  1. Found you through a comment you made at Study in Brown, and I wanted to thank you for your sweetness, honesty, and wonderful words. You have a gift. :) A poet.

  2. Hi Amy- I just found your blog. Thank you for sharing these wonderful, true, beautiful words. Your writing is so honest and lovely. Thank you!