Wool, warmth and wishing it were wet {the w post}


We had Thanksgiving the other day when the rest of the country did.  It was kind of strange; for the first time since we have been married, it was just our family.  James, the kids and I.  We didn't go anywhere or have anyone over, we just cooked this amazing meal and ate it and it was just us.  We felt really bad about not having anyone to share it with.  At one point I told James to drive around and look for some transients to invite over but there weren't any.

So we ate our dinner and the four little ones barely ate anything.  I think Pearl ate her mashed potatoes, Ruth ate turkey and Moses ate 6 rolls.  Hannah drank her milk and had a bowl of cereal.  When she went to bed that night, she told me that she didn't like Thanksgiving.  She said she understood why we celebrate it but that it wasn't fun, we spent all day cooking food she doesn't like, and she says thank you to God every day.  I hugged her close, told her I understood and I was sorry it was a bummer day for her. 

Today we had a totally normal day; breakfast, reading, outside time, main lesson, read aloud and lunch, more outside time, quiet reading time, and then we went to the park and met some friends.  Hannah told me she liked today way better than Thanksgiving and I totally understood.  I even ate some leftover candied yams, so it was perfect. 

We got our Christmas tree this evening and the scent of pine is permeating the living room.  I wish it were snowing outside.  I just wish it would snow here sometime.  But it won't.  My husband laughs at me because I always knit with wool, making the kids vests, sweaters, hats to keep them warm, and it never gets all that cold.  It'll be 65 degrees out and I bundle them with their little wool hats and vests  to go on our daily walk and we will be walking down the street looking like we should be in 30 degree weather while someone is outside their house in short sleeves mowing their lawn.  But warmth is important and wool is important.  Just ask Steiner. 

So I'm just going to sit here with my tea and candied yams, knitting more woolens, pretending it's going to be a cold, snowy winter.  Hopefully we'll at least get rain.  We're kind of desperate for it in California. 

Have a great {and if I say cold and snowy, please know it's out of pure jealousy) cold and snowy weekend.


  1. Good morning Amy! You are all welcome to come play in our yard as we woke up to ~ 5cm of snow, in Winnipeg. ; ) It's beautiful and the kids are outside playing. We better enjoy it now... tomorrow morning, it's suppose to be -32 degrees celsius. Brrrr! Wishing you a nice week-end and hopefully some rain... Marie and family xoxo

    1. So glad to hear from you Marie! I so wish we could, that sounds so lovely!!!!

  2. The lake is so sad! :( your dinner sounds yummy. :)

  3. Love your words about wool. And your husband's teasing. And the comment about wool being important. So love this. :)