{september 5 daybook}

Today we are freeing ourselves from everything burdensome, allowing peace, beauty and joy to reign. We are singing and playing, running and reading, knitting and painting. Nothing else. Sometimes you just need to let go and breathe.

Today I am trying not to speak above a whisper. Lately I have noticed myself raising my voice way too often. I cannot let that become habit. And so I am intentionally speaking quietly, calmly. The change in my attitude and the atmosphere of our home is incredible. Let peace reign.

While all children are unique and need nurturing in similar and different ways, I have one sweet child that stretches me and grows me so. It has been a process of learning how to comfort her, how to sympathize, how to calm, how to prevent her turmoil. But learn I am. Slowly.

People that don't understand her often ask why we let her get away with so much. I can't understand their question. She's not being bad. She's struggling with frustration, with not being able to regulate her emotions, with not understanding things. And so we choose to hold her hand and gently guide her, be there for her when she struggles and help her to grow.

We tend to, we nurture, the souls placed in our care. Sometimes the nurturing is more difficult, but we press on and never stop.

Learning from the difficult, the challenges. Always holding to our values. God, family, love, compassion, nature, art, books.  Our values are staples that keep us grounded, keep us focused, give us peace. Things change, times get rocky, but when you have things to hold to, you can prevent yourself from falling.

Walking on today, freely, whispering and nurturing.