August 28.


meals, working, outside, playing, learning, creating, reading.  these are the things that make up our days, that center us.  there is so much turmoil in the world and having a steady, rhythmic home life speaks peace into our family.  when things out there get so overwhelming, i look to nature's rhythms, the constant changing of the seasons, the ebb and flow of the ocean, the birds that fly so freely overhead.  life goes on, it continues, God reigns.  i find peace.  and so i long to give the same to my children, a family rhythm that they can look to and know that things carry on, life is beautiful, there is good.  


my mind focuses so much better when my hands, my heart, my soul are working on creating beauty.  adding  and changing home decor, always along with the season, bringing nature inside to breathe real life into our walls, finding ways to add the lovely.  using my hands to knit, always knitting, pouring love and prayers into each little stitch.


always so many books.  agnes grey by anne bronte, for the children's sake by susan schaeffer macauly, how to teach your children shakespeare, parents and children by charlotte mason, and reading aloud star of light by patricia st. john to the kids.

about the brontes.  jane eyre is the most well-known and loved of the bronte sister books, followed by emily's wuthering heights.  anne is overlooked, though in my opinion, her books are the most lovely, thought-provoking of all.  agnes grey was much harder to get into but i am quickly falling in love.  the tenant of wildfell hall though, that is my all time favorite bronte book, and i daresay one of my favorite books.


oh, just... issues of racial injustice, poverty, cruelty, heartache.  you know, the easy things ;)  as you likely know, i am a very passionate, zealous person and when something falls in front of me, it's really hard to let it go.  i've had to meditate on amos 5:24 a lot lately... "but let justice roll on like a river."  this takes me back to nature's rhythms.  when things are hard find the constants.


sometimes i forget to be consumed with gratitude.  things get really hard sometimes.  the world tilts and i think i'm falling, we are all falling.  but the river, the ocean, the birds, the children, the laughter, the stars, the Creator.  constants.  rhythms.  so thankful for those.

autumn is just around the corner.  my season.  my comfort.  my peace.  autumn is beckoning and i am answering.  seasons.  constants.  rhythms.

"let justice roll on like a river."


  1. This warmed my heart Amy :) love the picture of you with your babies :)

  2. Love this, Amy!! Going to add Anne to my reading list.