i'll have no part in your anti-kid society

I've gotten into a few discussions lately about this new trend of anti-kid weddings and kid-free restaurants.  Seriously, it's really disheartening.  Not that I think you shouldn't have the right. I mean, it's your wedding, you can choose if you want kids there or not.  It's your business, you have the right to not allow children in (though you don't have the right to keep out women or black people or homosexuals or any other group of people so honestly, I'm not quite sure why you have this right.)  But regardless, the reason it is so disheartening is not because people have the right to choose but because people do choose it and it is becoming a more and more popular choice.

Now, I understand the reasons that people don't want children around.  Sure, they can be loud, distracting and needy.  They can bother people or make people feel uncomfortable.  (Though so can and do adults for any number of reasons, one of which is drinking, and we know that weddings and restaurants are full of adults drinking.  But I digress...)  So basically what I'm saying is, so what? 

Really, so what?  Children are a beautiful part of life and they are human beings deserving of the same rights as adults are (including the right to not be discriminated against).  Let's just allow parents to do their jobs, trust that when a kid is being too loud in any given environment, the parent will gently and quietly remove them or at least quiet them down.  And for those that are clueless or just don't care?  Communication works wonders.  It's totally okay for a restaurant to kindly ask a parent to help their child quiet down or even leave if necessary (just like they could kick out that drunk guy).  If you're at a wedding, chances are you have some sort of relationship with people there and therefore a quick, "hey, your kid seems to be getting tired and a bit out of control, maybe it's time to head out," from someone is totally acceptable.

Honestly, doing these things may not be all that comfortable, but they are far better than discriminating against children in general, than calling them a nuisance and setting a precedence that they are less than in our society, than having them grow up, having been discriminated against, to go even further and further in their prejudices and discrimination of children.  It's a very slippery slope. 

Think about it.  In our culture, the only group of people that it is legal to hit, imprison against their will without them having committed a crime and discriminate against, is children.  Do we ever stop to think what message that sends to children about themselves?  Maybe that has something to do with the rush many kids feel to grow up.  We act like childhood is a disease, something that adults need to avoid.  Is it any wonder that kids become adults that treat kids like garbage, like dispensable beings that can be disposed of, hit, or at the very least, avoided by keeping them out of our events and public places?

If you don't like kids, then don't have kids.  But other than that, children are people that deserve to be in our society, the same as anyone else.  How dare we as a society treat them as less than?  Children should be embraced, loved, cherished and nurtured.  Hey, they are our future, you know?

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