to follow the path of freedom

I search for freedom,
for a light that shines and beckons and
I cannot help but follow.

Sometimes it's bare feet in cold sand, waves rolling up, licking toes and
sometimes it's climbing to the very top of anything and
sometimes it's dark room and raging fire, sometimes it's silence and
sometimes it's laughter and children playing.

Sometimes it's nasty but oh-so-good ice cream straight from the tub and
sometimes it's an organic, non-gmo, crisp granny smith apple.  Sometimes it's
throwing out the clock and rising with the sun, sometimes it's driving all night,
north star to guide you, following that drinking gourd,
while the world sleeps and the occupants of your car appear to be the only
ones awake anywhere. 

Sometimes it's knowing that this life is what you make of it and that
no matter where you have been, you can always change direction.
Sometimes it's knowing that the sun will rise again tomorrow.
Sometimes it's waking and watching it rise, or not having slept at all.

But always,
freedom is taking the first step. Because,
without taking that step, you're bound to stay put.