it's fully spring,
in all her beauty.
days are slow,
spent outdoors,
filled with play and dirt and
books and art and tree climbing.
i have been barely present in most online spaces
(except instagram, but that's another story)
and that is as it should be.
the twins are working diligently at making a new fairy house
their "best ever" under the cherry plum tree outside,
and that sings of spring to me more than anything else.
i'm just kind of settling back into these days,
these moments.
the dishes never ceasing, laundry always calling,
food to be made, dirt caked feet to wash, little ones to tickle.
the mundane is anything but.
the mundane is the beautiful.


  1. Gorgeous pictures!!!
    It's fairy house season over this side of the pond too :)
    Have you ever watched "Kristen's Fairy Garden?" Our girls love it. I bet your Ruth and Hannah would too!

  2. Beautiful photos! I can feel spring even though we are experiencing autumn! Your words convey it perfectly.