mamas, let's do this thing


A couple days ago I had someone tell me that I'm really good at marketing myself; that on my blog and on Instagram I make people want my life.  I about spit my coffee out laughing.  Seriously.  Had a really good laugh for like five minutes.  This person was clearly crazy.  But after a bit I felt kind of sick.  Because I really hope it's not true.  My main purpose of being out in this online world is to help people want their own lives, to help them see beauty and truth, to embrace the relationships, the moments, that they are gifted.  Definitely not to make them covet something else.

Honestly, I'm nothing special.  I'm just like every other mama out there; devoted and desperate to offer the most beautiful life to my children and husband that I can.  And the things I write?  The photos I take?  They are the things that I need to read and the things that I need to see.  They resonate with other mamas so strongly because they are born out of my own quiet desperation, and it's a desperation that is shared.


This past week another mama suffered an injustice on Instagram; an amazing, encouraging mama soul had her account deactivated and lost all of her 2,000 + photos because she had been reported for pictures of her breastfeeding her baby.  I'm not going to get into the ridiculousness and hypocrisy of that here, I am mentioning it because of the unity of mamas that came about as a result.  Mamas were posting about it, emailing Instagram, demanding this unbelievably inspiring account be reinstated and IG actually listened.  Her account, her photos, all of it was reinstated because of this sisterhood of mamas that stands by one another.

We need to stand by one another mamas.  There is way too much division in this world already.  All of our differences are meaningless because we share motherhood.  My life is beautiful.  It is as beautiful as yours and is filled with the same good, bad, joy and pain that yours is.  And we can sit down together and chat over a cup of tea while our kids play, no matter what differences we have, because we belong to this mama sisterhood and we understand what each other needs.  We understand the basic cries of each others hearts because they are our own.  You belong, mama, I belong, and together we can support one another and encourage one another and dance through this lovely, way too fleeting time in our lives.




it's fully spring,
in all her beauty.
days are slow,
spent outdoors,
filled with play and dirt and
books and art and tree climbing.
i have been barely present in most online spaces
(except instagram, but that's another story)
and that is as it should be.
the twins are working diligently at making a new fairy house
their "best ever" under the cherry plum tree outside,
and that sings of spring to me more than anything else.
i'm just kind of settling back into these days,
these moments.
the dishes never ceasing, laundry always calling,
food to be made, dirt caked feet to wash, little ones to tickle.
the mundane is anything but.
the mundane is the beautiful.