to go outside

i grow restless from too much time indoors,
too much focus on plaster walls and ceilings blocking my view of blue sky.
with a desperation to be surrounded by nature and be able to breathe,
i am constantly bringing outside in.
i can't help it.  it is air to me.

if i could,
i would live outside, roaming barefoot, sleeping under majestic, starry skies.
my children would roam free.
we would sit by fire every night, telling stories, praying, singing.
God would hang out and we would feel His presence in the cool night air.

yet we live under roofs and sleep in warm cozy beds,
quilts pulled up to our chins and pillows to soften our heads.
storms rage and we are kept separate, hearing only the repetitive tapping on the roof or
the wind howling something fierce.
and God does hang out, here in these walls, and we feel His presence as sunlight streams
in windows and children pile on the couch to listen to a book.

so either way, it's good.
but my heart beats for the call of the wild,
the embrace of creation.
and so we must get out, must breathe fresh air, must spend hours free of
we find peace, we breathe, we know God's love in
the crashing of waves and
sand between toes and
smell of fresh pines and
towering redwoods and
oceans of trees and
clear, starry nights and
air that chills bones and
butterflies dance and
song of the sparrow and
mountains for days.
we must go out.
i think we humans were made to know nature.
i think without it,
we kind of fade away.

what about you?  do you have a need to be outside, to breathe fresh air?  or is it just me?


  1. For me, being outside = happy.
    Being outside with my family = full to the brim.
    I often wish, too, we could live more outside. Feel the weather, be humbled and balmed by our physical exposure and experience of beauty.
    So, good to know there are others too ...!

  2. yes, to be outside is calming...
    so much beauty and joy...
    and moments that whisper by...
    lovely post!