a hippie's guide to technology~ part 2

*If you missed part one of a hippie's guide to technology, read it here first.*

So my husband, James, was buying an iPhone.  He tried to convince me to get one but I wouldn't hear it.  I told him I wanted a phone that you could talk on and that was it.  He spent $1 on the fancy iPhone while I had to pay $65 to walk away with a basic ghetto flip phone.  While we were checking out, the lady ringing us up asked who was getting the iPhone.  I pointed at my husband and the checker jokingly asked him, "What?  Why do you get the special phone?"  I let her know it was my choice.  "I don't need the internet everywhere I go.  When I leave the house I want to be away from that garbage."  Still being friendly, she said, "Yeah, but you can get angry birds for the kids and other fun stuff," to which I looked her in the eye and said, "My kids like to go outside and watch real birds.  They don't need fake birds on a screen." {yep, I said that.  Not one of my finest moments.} 

My husband made a light hearted comment about me being anti-technology and then looked at me and mouthed for me to please go wait in the car.  I did exactly as he asked, knowing I had crossed the line.  When he returned he looked at me and just had this sorrowful look of disappointment.  "That was so rude.  I am completely disgusted with the way you acted in there.  I understand your views and I respect them but you will not go around judging others and acting superior.  You made that lady feel terrible.  No one will ever hear you if talk to them like that; not about technology and definitely not about God.  That was your representation of Christ.  Good job."

I knew I deserved his words.  I knew he was right.  I didn't argue, I just apologized and then kept my mouth shut.  We got home and he played around with his iPhone and I set my new phone down.  Still incredibly frustrated that Apple and their products were invading my home, I bit my tongue, knowing this was not the time.  Before bed that night my husband asked me if I had thought about my view on technology after what had happened in the store.  Not understanding, I asked him to explain.  "Your fears.  Have you realized that you are possibly afraid of technology and you are fighting so hard against it, to the point that you insult complete strangers, in order to justify your position?"  I was totally shocked.  Deep down I knew he was right but I was nowhere near ready to admit it.  "That's absurd!  I am not afraid of technology, I just know it's screwing up the world! It's making everything impersonal, everything too fast, information too available, people not care enough about what is real!"  He looked at me and gently said, "How are those things not fear?"

Things got back to normal after that, our nearly no tv/ no video games/no computers for kids life.  My husband had an iPhone, but that was it.  Sometimes he would sit down after work and play a game on his phone, the kids would crowd around to watch and I would have to remind them, "kids, stop watching that.  We don't play or watch video games."  Unintentionally, I was making their daddy a bad guy.  There was a "bad" activity that we didn't participate in but daddy did.  And I was making my kids feel like they were bad for being interested.   But I didn't see it that way at the time; all I saw was my family {mostly} safe from the technological pulls of our society. 

Then came my birthday.  My husband approached me and asked me if I would like a Kindle.  I scoffed at him and then said, "Of course not!  You know me and books, I need the paper, I need the book in my hand.  I might as well not be reading if I'm doing it on a screen!"  He kind of frowned, "Well, that's why I asked.  I didn't want to get you one if you would hate it."  We went to visit my mama and she handed me the gift she had gotten me.  I unwrapped it and took a deep breath; yep, she bought me a Kindle Fire. 

Everyone laughed about it on the way home.  I told my husband and my kids, "Well, I'll get some cheap books or something.  And I can probably get some great free books on it for the kids.  But I will never use it for anything else."  Famous last words.

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