to pretend i'm a contemplative monk and quote winnie the pooh

tut tut, it looks like rain.

no really, it does and that is pretty awesome since california is in the middle of this terrible drought.
it's supposed to storm for the rest of the week and into the weekend and
i am totally okay with it.

the dark skies out the window are phenomenal, beckoning the world to shut up and
pay attention.  it's good.  i like paying attention to those things that are real,
like rain and thunder and stars and birds and trees.  but i'm all natural like that.

sometimes i think i should have been born a contemplative monk.  i mean, i know i shouldn't,
i am who i am supposed to be but,
sometimes.  i'm reading thomas merton right now and i keep thinking,
yep.  yep,  yep.

i find it funny that so many of the things my husband and i do or think gets ridiculed but
when i read all those early christian folk they sound so similar.  they asked the same questions,
came to the same conclusions, walked the same roads.  and they were celebrated for
thinking differently.  so, you know.

maybe we are not that weird after all.


  1. Be encouraged, sweet Amy. A lot of these writers were not widely accepted or acclaimed until after their deaths. I'm grateful for their voices too. And yours. Xo

  2. Thomas Merton is a big YES in my book. Let's be weird together :)