{the hair cutting three year old}

my boy.

if you are my friend on facebook or follow me on instagram
then you have probably already seen this progression.

moses had flowing golden locks.
he took scissors and gave himself layers,
what i call a buttrock hair cut...

Photo: This is the haircut Moses gave himself. He likes the 80s buttrock layered look. #whenathreeyearoldplayswithscissors #gettingahaircuttomorrow

and though we greatly appreciate his self expression,
we decided to take him in and have his hair properly cut...
he came back this amazingly handsome little man,
and seemingly aged two years...

Photo: Goodbye buttrock hair. Hello handsome little man.
the next day he was found with scissors in the bathroom,
and this was the result...

Photo: And then he did this. Guess he didn't like his new hair cut. #whenathreeyearoldplayswithscissors

my boy.

i love him so.

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