{sometimes: a story of being stuck}

Sometimes you are just defeated.
Sometimes you can't see the end of the rocky road,
can't even imagine it.
Sometimes it seems everyone else is succeeding,
everyone else is overcoming,
everyone else is moving forward and
you somehow stepped in wet cement
and you couldn't figure out how to lift your feet and get out of it
and it dried, hard, with you still inside and there you stand,
no way out,
while everyone you know just runs by.

Some never stopped, they pressed on and made it through on their own.
Some were ignorant like you and stepped in that wet cement but
figured out how to step out before it dried.
Others stayed, just as you did,
cement holding them fast,
until something amazing, something miraculous,
grabbed their hands, pulled, and broke them free.
With tears flowing down their faces, they ran on,
not understanding why they were helped out but
so very grateful that they were.
And as you watched them go,
you whispered gratitude too,
so happy for them and yet, swallowing that lump in your throat,
ashamed at the bit of sorrow and why not me too?, you were feeling.

Time goes on, more pass by and typically,
you stand strong in that cement,
cheering on those who run by,
noticing the beauty surrounding you in the place you are stuck.
At least there is an oak tree nearby,
offering you shade and a bit of loveliness.
A nest inside brings shades of blue,
jays returning home after their flight for food and
at night the stars shine so brightly they sing.
Yes, typically you make the best,
count your blessings and stand.

But sometimes.
Sometimes you watch them all walk by,
sometimes the weight of always standing is too much,
sometimes you wonder why not me?,
sometimes you are just defeated.




  1. Ah yes....I do know this feeling. I really do. I just read your piece on resilience...I think there is resilience here, friend, in the standing back up again even though you feel stuck and defeated. I have whispered to myself (quite desperately) many times: Just keep holding on, Just keep holding on...and I'm whispering it to you now dearest. You're in my prayers tonight.

  2. Ohhh...I know this feeling and fight it more often than I'd like to admit. Praying that you get yanked out soon!

  3. Praying for you Amy. Oh, I know this feeling. It is so hard. I would love to give you a great big hug right now. God Bless. xx

  4. thanking Him for the beauty in the stuck place, how that touches His heart

    He springs us free in His time, and we, impatient seem to suffer so as we wait, and wait

    prayers for endurance

  5. Oh, I am with you here, I so know how you feel lovely mama. I have no wise words to offer but just to say you are not alone xxx

  6. Sometimes I have prayed "Lord, you will have to come and get me because I have no ability to come to you." I love your honesty, Amy. And I definitely relate to the feeling, as I am sure your other readers do too. xoxo

  7. Dear Amy,
    thinking of you and praying for you...

  8. Hey Amy,
    Do you know the poem "The Sacrament of Waiting" by Marcrina Weidekher? (I think that is the poem I "met" Emmie through.) Anyway, your words reminded me of hers. Here's a link


    1. Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing it!