{homeschooling: from high school to college}

I am by no means an expert on the subject but
having just graduated our first homeschool student and then sending him straight to college,
I have had many questions about what we did and how it worked and
especially how hard it was to submit transcripts and apply and all.
So instead of writing the same message over and over to people wondering,
I decided to do a post on it,
even though this isn't my typical type of post.

So. Highschool. We mainly just focused on reading, writing and math in a Charlotte Mason way...
Reading great, living books.
Every subject was studied by reading; History, science, geography, Latin, grammar, vocabulary.
It all came from the reading of great books and the subsequent writing and discussing of them.
He wrote a lot.
Summary and creative narrations,
his own fictional short stories,
copying and rewriting famous essays.
He learned a lot and studied deeply.
He developed a strong love for reading and writing.
So much that when it came time to consider college, he only wanted to attend a liberal arts school that studied the great books.

So he took the SATS, once, his last year of high school and,
with almost no previous test taking skill, he did very well.
He wrote the required essays for the college application.
So used to writing on a variety of topics, this was pretty easy for him.
Then came my job, creating his high school transcripts.
Instead of the typical transcript, I made a booklist.
I wrote down every book he read in high school, divided them into subjects
(such as: World History, American history, natural history, geography, economics - you get the point)
Then, with each book listed under each subject, the subjects were given credits.
I also prefaced the booklist/subjects with a couple of paragraphs about how we learned and
what our homeschool looked like.

I have heard it said that you can't do Charlotte Mason in high school.
That is absurd. A CM high school is intense and rigorous and wonderful preparation for college.
In fact, a CM high school will most likely read many books that are typically read in college.

If you leave a child alone with their books they will educate themselves.
This is true for elementary age as well as high school.
Be there to listen, question and discuss but let them learn.
It works. It really does!

Our son was accepted into his first choice with an almost full scholarship.
He read, he wrote, we discussed, he did math.
Simple. Perfect.
My advice?
Don't stress about it. Don't make it a huge deal.
Most colleges today love homeschoolers and make the process pretty easy for them.
Just let your kid learn and enjoy learning with them!
Create an atmosphere where learning is natural,
reading is embraced and
family enjoys each other!
The rest falls into place.



  1. Thank you for this post. Even tho we aren't ready for high school the past 4 years have sped by so quickly I know it will soon be upon us. This is very encouraging! Blessings, Cathy

  2. Hey there, Amy :) I wondered if sometime you'd share some of the books you had Ian read and ponder during his school years.

    1. Absolutely! He mostly read the books on Ambleside Online's house of education years 7-11. We added and removed here and there but that was our guide.

  3. Love this Amy and so true! Our oldest is in his second year at college and was on the Dean's List both semesters his first year. He loved reading and we did math and he wrote just like your son. Thomas applied to two state schools so he had to have proof of graduation and took the GED which was very simple for him and I had to "make up" an official looking transcript which I didn't lie about but I had to take what we did and make it look standard. Finally, like your son, he took the SATs just once, didn't study for them and did very well.
    I am having so much fun watching our next two boys as they are showing their strengths (very different from our first) and am just amazed at what they are doing.
    Blessings and thanks so much for sharing.

  4. What an amazing job you did Mama for creating a learning environment at home to help him succeed very well in getting into college with a scholarship! It is so obvious that the CM helped build a love of learning in you son.