{being needed by God, my Father}

Everyone says God doesn't need us.
It's this common Christian saying and
I get it. Technically, no
God doesn't need us.
Without us , He would still be.
Without us, He could still work.
But aside from that I wholeheartedly disagree.

God has given us the parent/child relationship as
a shadow of His relationship with us.
And you know what?
I desperately, achingly need my children.
Yes, I know, technically I could exist without them.
But now that I have known them,
it would be an empty, painful existence.
I need them.
I need them as I need breath.

God, the Father.
God, the Artist.
God, the Potter.
God, the Shepherd.

A father needs children, an artist needs a canvas,
a potter needs clay and a shepherd needs sheep.
Though yes, without those things they would exist ,
they might even find different tools for their craft but
the passion, the beauty that permeates from the harmony of
the two meeting for their intended purposes,
it would be lost .

I need my children. I need my husband.

I need them to be who God created me to be.
And call me blasphemous if you will,
but I believe that God needs us.
He created us to be needed by Him.
He created us to be in harmony with Him,
to walk hand in hand with Him,
to be His children so He can be our Father.
Does God need us so that He can exist,
can work,
can create? Of course not.
But He does need us so that He can shower love,
paint life stories,
be loved.

I'm going against all I have been taught
(that's not new),
but Oh yes,
I desperately need God and, I think,
He needs me too.


  1. Your words are comforting, as usual. :)

  2. so true, beautiful and real. thank you.

  3. As I read your beautiful words today, a very big smile came on my face. I love coming here, thank you sweet mama xxxx

    1. Aw, thanks. I love to see you! Love your kind words.

  4. This reminds me of the last line in one of Rilke's poems "The Winged Energy of Delight" : "For god wants to know himself in you."
    The sufi's and gnostics also believe that God needs human beings in order to reach the material heights and depths....; the dark places that His transcendance cannot reconcile alone. I think the Essenes also have a similar theology. This was a beautiful post Amy. We are His beloved children. We are not an experiment, a toy or a folly of the creator. He does need us and we need Him. Oh, I just love those sweet pictures of you and your babies :) xx

    1. Love that poem, thank you for reminding me of it suzy!

  5. Beautiful Amy. And I wholeheartedly agree!!

  6. Beautiful! I agree with you. It's such a masculine way of understanding theology to narrowly define "need" that way. I think mothers, women understand the world in a less categorized and stringent way. The world needs us. :)

    1. Oh yes it does! Thank you dear friend! Love you.

  7. Lovely, Amy. (I read everything you write, but my commenting time is severely limited these days, I fear.) And I don't think this idea is in the least heretical. I'm with Tonia up there. "Need" has many levels of meaning and you've captured them well. Thank you.

    1. Oh Diana, I love to hear from you! Thank you so much.

  8. exactly!! Thanks for putting into words what I have felt...someone dear to me has made a comment about his church in the opposite vein...he needs the church but they don't need has always bugged me ...something was wrong with that statement & you just cleared it up