{all sorts of stuff}


nights are cold. 
snuggle deep under quilts and close to the babe and husband cold.
waking up to afghans and coffee, cocoa and candles and a fire in the fireplace.

days are cooling.  not as cold as i would like,
but hey, it will never get that cold here.
but still,
i can wear a cardigan all day without sweating,
that is saying something.

work is slow for the husband and so we are having to be quite intentional
with our every move, every purchase, every meal.
we are used to living frugally but it is much nicer when you are simple and frugal out of
desire than because of need.
and yet,
with a roof over our heads and a meal on the table each night,
we are blessed.

i finally finished the vests for the twins and they adore them.
i love wooly children.
i also love natural learning.
hannah has taken off reading, really all on her own.
her twin sister ruth can read a bit but typically says,
"i'm just not ready to read yet,"
and that is totally okay.

i have been struggling lately with the direction of this blog.
i started out just writing, telling stories, talking about faith and parenting.
now i veer to daily snapshots and rambles,
mixed in with the stories and
i feel like this blog is all over the place.
i'm wondering if i should just write stories,
just write daily stuff,
delete this thing and start something brand new or not at all,
or keep being a crazy, random blogger with no rhyme or reason.
i don't know... what do you think?

hope your tuesday is grand.



  1. I enjoy your blog in the style you present. Always real. Authentic and true.

  2. Oh my word, Amy, I was just thinking the same thing after posting such random things lately.
    That second picture - my word - beautiful! And I love the vests:)

  3. Dear Amy, I love your beautiful blog just the way it is. I like coming here and sitting down with a cup of coffee and joining you for a while. Xx

  4. I know it's not always helpful--and doesn't always sound authentic--when other bloggers offer their encouragement when you're struggling with blog posts. But I love your blog the way it is, Amy! I think it's beautiful and sweet.

  5. Dear Amy,
    We love you just the way you are. : ) Do what you think is right and feels good for you. We really enjoy your blog the way it is now.
    Marie xx

  6. Amy,

    I also love your blog just the way it is! You hand write your records into a notebook too. I enjoyed looking at your photos. They remind me that I must learn to use my new camera properly!

  7. Dear Amy, crazy random blogger (nor not), I love your writing and your pictures and I need your voice in my life.

  8. I think your blog is perfect :) As are you lovely lady xx

  9. Please just keep writing! I need your voice - it makes me think!
    Maybe just write this day what needs writing today, and not worry about the direction of the blog?
    We are here because we enjoy your blog, just the way it is!
    Loved the pictures too.