one is fire,
the other earth.
one breathes passion,
the other whispers depth.
one dances with movement that cries, "you better watch me!"
the other dances in her own way, at her own time,
and could care less if there is an audience.

and yet they are joined.
best friends.
and different as they are,
the joy they offer our family,
this world,
is the same. 

the beauty in these two is unquestionable.
the awesomeness God has planned for them,

i get to be their mama.
it is truly an amazing ride.

this past weekend we celebrated their sixth birthdays.
when they fall into bed with smiles and giggles,
saying "thank you" over and over and
telling you it was the best. birthday. ever.
you know you've done well.

*dolls and crowns were custom made for my girls by the amazing suzy. thank you, suzy, for helping to make their day perfect. visit suzy's etsy shop, tillytilda.*


  1. You're writing is so captivating. As a mama to identical twins, I am nodding my head at this. Each girl is so unique and it amazes me that people can't tell them apart. It is such a blessing to be a mama to twins.

  2. Yes twins are funny and challenging and ever so special. My daughter has identical twin daughters and wow was that a surprise. They are nine now and I am still amazed they joined our family and we are so blessed. I can tell them apart but others do not. Grandma's are like that you know?

  3. Your girls are so beautiful! I am honoured to have been able to a small part of their birthday. Sounds like you made the day truly special for them. I love the pictures!!!