to begin, wait and need sleep...

my baby won't sleep tonight and
she doesn't want anyone else to sleep either.
she keeps darting out of the living room into the
bedrooms of her sleeping siblings,
trying to find someone to play with.
so i'm here writing this unplanned post because
she is still awake.

tomorrow is our first day of "school."
technically we learn daily and in everything but
we also follow some curriculum and adhere to
some sort of "school" schedule,
however lax that may be.
after all of my learning and planning and reading and
"experimenting," we have just decided to go back
to what we know and love,
what is simple and brilliant,
what works for us.
so, ambleside it is...
the twins will be starting year one,
josiah will be in year 3.5 and
layla in year 6.
oh yes,
and ian is leaving for college in two weeks!
it's pretty unbelievable. 

i'm excited for the more stable rhythms to begin again,
for summer to fade away into the crisp of autumn,
to snuggle in front of red glowing fire,
reading from piles of books.
without ian it will be a bit strange,
a bit somber,
and will certainly take some getting used to.
but it's the same season nonetheless and
it will be beautiful.

tomorrow we begin!
if only i could get some sleep tonight.
come on, pearl jean!
do this...


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