to tell things

So here are some things...

Thing #1: we survived San Francisco, my daddy got married, I gained a new brother, my kids were freaked out and overwhelmed by the city but became totally obsessed with taxis.

Thing #2: remember a little post a while ago where I bragged about how I would never have an iphone? Well, im eating my words because I just got an iphone. The two main reasons? One, I needed a new phone and wouldn't you know the only affordable phone is a stinking iphone. Seriously. To get a basic flip phone I would have had to pay $60 out of pocket. The iphone? 99 cents. And then there's the whole camera thing. I pretty much gave my camera to layla since she has such a strong passion for photography. But I am so used to having a camera strapped to me to document life that I needed something. The iphone serves that purpose. So, yeah. I'm on instagram now if you want to follow me.

Thing #3: we are not moving. This, of course, is bittersweet because I would love to move to a place where it snows, in the forest. And i have this forever dream that the most amazing place is just going to fall into our laps. But anyway. Why would you have even thought we were moving? Well you probably wouldn't unless you are friends with my husband on facebook. He really likes to mess with people and these are his posts from the past week: first there was "new things ahead. Shhhh." Then came, "I hate moving. Especially when it is out of state." And then, "Packing sucks. 990 boxes to go," and finally, "new places are exciting and kind of intimidating." So you see? I have been getting messages asking where we are moving so I just have to say we are not moving. Even though I would like to be.

 a snowy day years ago... look how cute ian and the twins were!

Thing #4: i'm hosting this holistic/crunchy mom/kid group at my house and this freaks me out so much.  because a} i'm an introvert and have the most difficult time engaging in conversations and meeting new people and b}i have seven kids and sometimes they have bad days and sometimes they have good days. and c} see a again.  so i'm hosting this.  it starts next monday.  and it may never happen again.  and i'm totally scared.

Thing #4: It's August. Which is my birthday month. Yes, I have a birthday month. Always have. I really, really like my birthday.

Thing #5: as usual, I'm counting down the days until autumn; to fires crackling and pumpkin bread, dark, cold candlelit mornings. Oh I can't wait.

 Thing #6: there is no thing six.  so this is the end.


  1. Ha! I like you. :)

    #5, yes, so much yes.

  2. Glad you're back and that the wedding went well. and I think your group will go well and hopefully become a good support network. Also very much looking forward to autumn here in NC.

  3. Just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your blog - I know we would be friends if we lived near one another - it is my birthday month too - what day is yours?

    1. I love yours too tonya! I have often thought how wonderful it would be to live right next door. My birthday is the 20th. When is yours?

  4. I only wish I could come along to your crunchy group :)
    Happy birthday month!

    1. That would be a dream come true dear friend! Xx

  5. I totally got sucked into the "phone" thing too. in a fancy phone, but you go in and pay a buck or in my case, $75. So here I am with an iphone, go figure.

    I think you will do a beautiful job w/ doing a group in your home. Just be you. People need that about you, and hey, they have kids too, right? so it's all good.

    Candle lit mornings... what an amazingly simple gift for those cold mornings. Thanks for sharing that!