to simplify and hoard books {or to find music without poetry}

i've been a really lazy blogger lately,
i apologize.
i'm just kind of drinking up this last bit of summer,
this last month before ian leaves for college.
it's really a beautiful time.

this past weekend was spent cleaning, organizing and
something i do bi-seasonally.
i typically change/add things at the beginning of each season and
then do it a bit again in the middle.
and when i do i use the time to sift through things,
purge, simplify.
it's quite refreshing.

we try and minimize our accumulation of things.
and i think we are pretty successful, usually.
the one area where i am a complete failure though is books.
our home is bursting with that life on paper which has no equal,
and we are constantly adding to our library.
i really would like to try and put a cap on the book buying for awhile but...
thrift stores, garage sales, library book sales and
then there's the whole we homeschool thing and having our own library is
pretty much an education in itself.
i'd like to have a room where we can store all of our books and
some nice big comfy couches,
a library room.  then the book clutter could be contained,
easily accessible and inviting and
the rest of the house could be free.
that's not the case here.
and so,
book hoarding it is.

this post has no flow,
definitely not a river of beauty.
in fact,
there has been quite a lack of poetry here lately,
it's kind of just the season of my life.
beautiful, simple, free.
and i'm totally okay with that.

so, back to the kids, the free days,
the music of life.
back to the books, the cooking, the cleaning,
the daily holy beauty.
and maybe one day my lips will flow in rhythm again but
for now,
it's good.


  1. your kids are so precious. i miss you, and them. Perhaps you should stop by?