to read a really good book, almost finish a vest and ramble {yarn along}

hello there.
it's a tad bit late tonight and i really should be in bed.
but here i am typing up this here yarn along post
there's really no good reason.
i just am.

i have paused all current reading because i just received
death by living in the mail
which i am reading for a review in two weeks.
*review spoiler: {what? is that even possible}...
so far, and i'm only in chapter three, i heart it.*

and of course,
i am still working on the plain vests for the twins.
almost done with the first,
pretty sure i'll have it completed by next week,
{and, my birthday is next week.  double bonus}

on a side note,
not related in the least to what i am knitting or reading,
if you were wondering,
i did host that first group on monday and yes,
i lived through it.
i really did have a wonderful time,
met some beautiful like minded mamas and
a dear friend of mine came to help me along and
i am so very grateful for her and her thoughtfulness.

the next month will probably be a bit busy.
next week is the awesome birthday which i have spoken of way too much,
and then we only have a couple of weeks to get ian all packed and
head up to oregon to drop him off at college.
i have some amazing friends to visit while i am there andso it will be a bittersweet trip.

back to the whole point of this post.
reading: death by living
knitting: plain vests

maybe i just should have done that :)


  1. Oregon? where is he going to college I live in Oregon.

    1. Gutenberg college in Eugene. Where are you?

  2. No, you should not have "just done that" because I was greatly amused and happy to read what you did write while I ate my cherrios! :)

  3. I am knitting Plain Vests too:) and am going to check out that book.
    Our oldest is heading back to his second year of college next week. Be prepared for the mixture of feelings and emotions that may come over you as your son navigates adulthood and you navigate having an adult son. It was really hard for me but after the transition, all is even better than ever.

  4. I have a non related question. I also use Blogger and would like to have the " And You Might Like" at the foot of my blog. How do I do that? Thank you so much for your help!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Ok I gave you wrong direction before! If you look at my "you might also like" you will notice at the bottom it says "link within ". Click that, it should direct you!

  5. Nice post! blessings to you in all these things!

  6. plain knitting is knitting while I watch tv or talk a lot to friends and family so it's a must in my basket!! lovely work :)

  7. What a beautiful baby. And I love the simple knitting, that's the kind that appeals to me completely. Simple and pure and keeping small bodies nice and warm. So very nice. :)