to become a young mama

i knew we would be married
from the moment i
saw him,
standing in line at the deli,
and i was afraid
so i made fun of him to
my friend,
and tried to forget about him
until he appeared
everywhere i was,
and i told my friends
this crazy guy was
stalking me and would most likely
kill me.

then one day he called me out
and told me
i was standoffish and
and i couldn't let him think that
so i said,
"no i'm not.  let's hang out."
and we did.

and a week later he wanted to know
what God was telling me,
and as casually as if i were revealing
what type of ice cream i wanted
i said,
"we're going to
get married."
and he simply responded,

four months after we met,
we were married.
i was 19,
he 21 and
along with him came
six year old boy
with cutest smile ever
hiding a broken heart.
that means i am
only 12 years older
than him)
born when my husband
biological mother signed over
custody and he became
single father,
dropped out of school,
working full time,
doing all he could but
little boy was

and now here i was,
a mother to the motherless,
trying desperately to love him
not knowing how to heal his hurt,
and he loved me,
and hated me,
and hugged me,
and yelled at me,
and ran to me,
and ran away,
and i tried,
and cried out,
"Lord help me love him
and time went by
He healed...

eighteen years old now,
three years older than husband was when
he was born,
eighteen years old now,
he calls me mom,
and His beauty resonates in
his young life,
ready for whatever the Lord
gives him
and i sit back and watch,
in awe of him,
of all He has done in him,
and so in love...

*an edited repost.  as ian embarks on his new journey this post has a whole new meaning.*


  1. Just peeking in briefly to tell you that I read everything you post and love it. I'm just feeling a bit buried by life right now and haven't had as much time to comment as I'd like. Blessings on your boy as he fledges and flies away for a bit. And on you, too, cuz you're gonna miss him! (Also? thank you for mothering him so very well.)

  2. Beautiful :) You are so blessed to have one another :)xx

  3. wow... what a story, and how young and responsible your husband was, it is scary to be a young 'person' with a child. I always wondered how old you were when you had him, now I know the story. Best of luck and prayers go with him as he moves on into a new journey. Remember I am in Oregon... too.