to do work that matters

It matters. This work you are doing, mama.
Those tears you kiss,
the hands you hold,
the fears you ease.
It matters.

Staying up all night with your sick wee one

Reading "Where the Wild Things Are" for the tenth time in a row

Wiping up spilled juice after pouring another cup

Cooking a warm supper that they probably won't eat

Lying under star-filled skies while listening to their stories

Walking around the block with them every day

Washing their dollies

You may never start a nonprofit organization helping underprivileged children,
you may never write a bestseller encouraging thousands,
you may never preach a message causing conviction or
travel to the third world countries building houses and loving on the lonely.
And though these things are so good and so worthwhile,
though these things matter,
they do not matter more than these amazing things that you do.
You do amazing things, mama.

Open up your heart,
your eyes,
and love.
Love the ones that you have been given,
wrap them deep in your arms,
whisper life giving words
and embrace every. single. moment.
It matters.

You have been gifted with this work to do.
This intensely difficult yet most rewarding work,
you have little ones to raise into the lovers,
the peacemakers of tomorrow,
so wipe those little tears and read that book again.
This is how to do work that matters.


  1. Beautiful! Your words encourage and your heart inspires. Thank you Amy :)