to be content, not complacent

I am burdened/blessed with a restless soul.
I struggle with finding a balance between contentment and
what sixpence none the richer so aptly called
divine discontent.
Because I know we are supposed to be content,
whatever the circumstances.
And yet there is something about a divine discontentment that just
rings true.
Always pressing forward, always seeking to move further in,
never settling.
So maybe it's not about contentment vs. discontentment.
Maybe it's about being content,
but not being complacent. 

I can be content in my circumstances and still deeply desire
to move on, to grow.
Find a balance.
Be content with what God has placed before me,
the life I have,
be content and pour out gratefulness,
cup running over,
know that if my hands never hold more than what they do at this moment,
it is okay.  Not just okay, beautiful.
Yet still,
in knowing that,
seeking to grow, to serve, to move on in whatever form
God gives me and not being so set,
so settled in what I already have that
I refuse to hear, to move, to go, to do.

Content but not complacent.
I give thanks unceasing for these amazing children and the husband who has my heart,
for the ability to stay home, growing and learning along with the young ones,
for home where I birthed the babe, chickens roam amongst the grass and
enormous trees shade us through the warm summer months.
Thanks that God has led us out of the institutional church, away from that which is
beginning to look less and less like the One it claims to follow.
I give thanks for the abundance that my hands hold and am content with
all that has been set before me.

Still, my restless spirit dreams and hopes,
It envisions what might be and seeks the face of
the One who gives, readying for movement, for change,
for wherever He might lead.

Content but not complacent.
Balance found
for this restless soul.


  1. you're so pretty. and your children are adorable. What a wonderful life! I'm glad you're feeling the right sorts of ways ;)

  2. I agree with are so cute. You always have such a peaceful and beautiful look on your face.

  3. I like your sweater. And your heart.