to use my hands, head, eyes and ears...

I am seriously without words lately.
Does that ever happen to you?
I have just been trying to live the day to day,
learn with my children,
enjoy the oldest boy before he leaves,
spend good, real time with the husband.

Hands have been busy knitting,
baking bread and
bathing babes.

Head has been filled with wise words of
katrina kenison,
jack petrash,
and sally clarkson.

Ears delighted with children's laughter,
the music of all sons and daughters,
pearl jean's quickly growing vocabulary.

Eyes, searchers of beauty,
have sorrowfully watched the series finale of family favorite, merlin,
smiled at my littles dressing up and playing merlin,
beheld God's grandeur in perfect, glowing moon,
rested, but not long enough.

{here we have king arthur, queen guinevere, and lady morgana and
yes, apparently arthur is a sad cowboy because, 

so days have been filled,
they have been beautiful,
they have just been so focused inward,
on the here and now,
on the love in front of me,
that words are sparse.
but life,
life is full.

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