to start off right...

you know those days when you wake up and
things just go {oh so} smoothly??
i don't have many but
today was one of those days.

up, dressed and read two devotionals,
bible while littles played.
breakfast was eaten and cleaned
before eight.
i was able to sit and read,
david nevue playing,
drinking an entire cup of coffee without
having to heat it once all while
twins organized their room,
moses and pearl played nicely and
older kids read.
i got some knitting done and
even straightened the couch and
three hours later it


with breeze still blowing softly and sun
raining down,
all the kiddos headed outside to
laugh and run and chase butterflies and
it's not even lunch time yet
but today is peace.
it's just one of those days.
it's rejuvenating, refreshing and
an anchor for those days that don't
start so perfectly.

hope your day is beautiful too. 

1 comment:

  1. I love those perfect days. I am coming back into them. xo