to ramble about culture and christian status

so i'm giving you fair warning...
this post is all over the place and might just offend you.
i hope that you can hear my heart and look past anything i shouldn't have said.


i was reading a blog the other day and they were talking about some tv show
i had never heard of called preacher's daughters.
apparently it's a reality show where they follow pastor's daughters and their parents,
documenting their bad choices, falling away from faith, coming back to faith, etc.
it sounded so ridiculous to me i thought it had to be a joke {you know, like amish mafia or whatever}
so i looked it up.  and i was left speechless.
see, i know one of the families on the show.
{and as many people that read my blog are from here, you probably do too.  and it's old news to you
that they were on this show.  but it's new news to me and to those who aren't from here, so i'm
talking about it}
i have been to their church.
one of the "preacher's daughters" babysat my children for years.
she came to my baby shower when i was pregnant with the twins.
i know many people who know them much, much better than i do.
so all that to say,
i was kind of stunned to see a family i knew pretty well on that show.
     *i haven't watched the show.  i can't comment on it.  i don't know if they look good, bad, or like giraffes*

but see,
it made me kind of sad.
and it made me think, because,
as we all know,
i think too much and too deeply and read too much into things.
i'm sad for our christian culture.
  • there's this family doing a reality tv show throwing their issues out for the world to mock,
  • another pastor we know desperate to be in full time ministry is joining a denomination he doesn't agree with and has often bad mouthed just because they will hire him,
  • a musician turned down numerous times by mainstream producers has started making"christian music" just so he can make music and be "famous," but his heart is "far from Godly right now" {his words, to my husband}
it's like we have made an identity out of the "christian" label.
just like everything in life, this christianity has rungs and everyone is stepping on
everyone else to make it to the top.
we wear our christian badges;
"christian reality tv star," "christian pastor {full time!}," "christian musician," "christian artist," "christian author."
we can't make it in a secular culture so we stick the christian label on it and
BAM! it's gold!
and we call poor sally who just works in an office five days a week and attends church once a week
a "sunday christian"  and we look down on her for her "watered down faith" because
she isn't high enough on the rungs.
and we strive and we do and we keep trying,
not because it serves Him but because it makes us look better,
it moves us up the ladder.

and we wonder why we are mocked and ridiculed?
why is "christian music" so terrible?
we copy the culture around us, trying to sound, look, be
just like it but with that christian label.
the church used to be the frontrunner.  the best music,
art, literature came from christians!  once upon a time
the culture copied us!  and it wasn't labeled.  no one was
trying to climb a ladder.  they just loved Christ.
they loved Him and they used their gifts and made

and then everything changed.
and everything had a label.
and now we are desperately trying to look like the culture we live in,
to become "relevant" to it.  so we make second rate art and
stick the christian label on it and hope it will draw some people
to Christ.
and it just makes them scoff.  and i would too.
i'm just saying,
why are we trying so hard to fit in?
and why do we have our own status symbols in the body of Christ?
why can't we just allow our identities to be in Him and
move as He leads us,
with no goal in mind but glorifying God.
and let Him do with it what He will.

don't try to climb the ladder,
don't worry about your status,
don't try to be relevant,

 But seek first the kingdom of God 
and his righteousness, 
and all these things will be added to you.
matt 6:33


  1. "don't try to be relevant,

    "Just seek Him".


    The pure, the poor, the small as children are what the kingdom was made for.

  2. Wow, Amy. You hit the nail on the head. You are absolutely right. But you know, I've noticed, more and more around me, so many people waking up to this, loving and seeking only Him and not caring about recognition. There are those waking up, and there are those who still sleep. I think they desperately need our prayers, that God would save us all from mediocrity.

    1. You are so right Christina. Some are slowly waking. And oh I hope it continues and grows. We need authentic, organic beauty in this world springing up out of hearts turned towards God. Keep praying, I will too.

  3. Let's say one makes it to the top. All the way to the top, as a Christian OR non. How much is it going to matter in 100 years, when (s)he's dead? Not to get all Ecclesiastes on anybody, but *yawn* that's why I ain't stressin. Just trying to be real to the one's who show up on my doorstep...or blogstep...