to mix the waldorf with the cm {part 2}

*we honestly dont follow this strictly. If something is not working for my kids or they need sometjing different, we do it. This is just a general outline and the books and subjects fit with steiner's child stages which i think are very right on.* Ok here is my follow up post to our combination of Waldorf and Charlotte Mason in our homeschool... if you missed the first, you can find it here.

A couple of things I didn't touch upon in the first post are grammar and math. With our children, as soon as they are able to write, they begin copywork and later, dictation, per cm. This is truly one of the greatest means of learning spelling and grammar, to learn from copying the masters. Learning the names of the parts of speech and how to use them fits in very naturally with the main lessons. We also use Mad Libs for learning and fun!

For math we really like Waldorf's method of whole to parts and learning the four processes at the same time. We love A Journey into Waldorf Math and Life of Fred. Josiah is making his way through Life of Fred's elementary series quickly and he absolutely loves doing math.

So our booklist is as follows:

Grade 1:
A Journey Through Waldorf grade 1
Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales
The Among the...series by Clara Dillingham Pierson
The Burgess Animal books by Thornton Burgess 
Read alouds/free reads from AO y1

Grade 2:
A Journey Through Waldorf grade 2
In God's Garden (saint Stories) by Amy Steedman
Our Island Saints by Amy Steedman
God's Troubadour, The Story of St Francis
50 Famous Stories by James Baldwin
Aesop's Fables
Jataka Tales
The Book of Nature Myths
Just So Stories
Literature from AO year2
Read alouds/free reads from AO year 2

Grade 3:
A Journey Through Waldorf grade 3
Story of the Ancient People by Guerber/Miller or
Child's Story Bible
Red Indian Fairy Book by Frances Olcott
Any of Andrew Lang's fairy books
The Wonder Clock by Howard Pyle
Little Folks Land {book to read along with building main lesson}
hands on farming/building
Literature from AO year 3
Read alouds/free reads from AO year 3

Grade 4:
A Journey Through Waldorf grade 4
D'aulaire's Book of Norse Myths
Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans by Eggleston
Stories of American Life and Adventure by Eggleston
True Stories of History and Biography by Nathaniel Hawthorne
hands on zoology
Literature from AO year 4
Read alouds/free reads from AO year 4

Grade 5
A Journey Through Waldorf grade 5
Story of the Greeks by Guerber/Miller
Child's Homer and/or Black Ships Before Troy
The Heroes by Kinglsey
The Golden Fleece
Pacific History Stories {local geography/history}
hands on botany
Literature from AO year 5
free reads from AO year 5

Grade 6
Begin AO y6, term 3.
study astronomy

Continue Main lesson books and follow Waldorf recommendations for handwork, art, etc.

From this point we follow Ambleside's curriculum while continuing main lesson books, handwork, etc.

A Journey Through Waldorf series can be found here.
Life of Fred can be found here.
Ambleside Online can be found here.

I hope this was thorough and answers the questions I have been receiving.
If you have any other questions feel free to ask!
And now I'm done talking about homeschooling for quite a while :)

*i realize i haven't talked much about the early years... there is so much info online about early waldorf, i figured i didn't really need to write about that.  i wanted this to be mostly about how we combine the two methods in the grades... but if you have any questions about our early years, feel free to ask here or on the facebook page or by email!


  1. Thank you for your time in writing this post!! I love reading about how others homeschool. It gives me inspiration when I'm feeling burnt out. Are you familiar with Queens Homeschool Supply? They have an awesome free catalog, if you're interested. We use some of their language lessons and we just started using their Living Math along with Fred and my 6 yr old loves it. It is all cm inspired. Anyway, thank you again. I appreciate you. :-D

    1. yes! we have used their language lessons and my kids love them. we will buy them when the kids need more focus on language arts... in fact my daughter layla was just asking for the next one :)

      thank you, i appreciate you too. truly.

  2. Hi Amy,

    Thanks for posting the link to your posts on the CM/Waldorf yahoo group. You mention above "Hands on building/farming/zoology/botany" Is that a resource or do you just mean doing those things?

    Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

    Thank you!

    1. Just doing. And then we find living books that correspond with the subject. For example, when my 9 year old did his building block he built a tree house with my husband. He also read through this great book called "Little Folks Land" which is about building a home, a town, etc. and is free at! So we find hands on projects for them to do and living books to be read. I hope that makes sense.