to make room for the winged folk...

spring lights up faces and sets hearts dancing,
mixture of sunlight, pinks, oranges, and giggles.
days are free and children imagine and
fairyland awaits.

twins have become enthralled with a book,
taking to heart each precious page,
determining to find fairy land or
at least, bring the faeries to them.


 and so they set out in morning's cool breeze,
building a house for the wee folk.
this spring we invite the faeries,
imaginative play and creativity center to our days.

for what is spring without
flowers, faeries, little girls laughing, imagining,
chickens, and green sprouting up?
today we will play under shade of oaks,
for the faeries.
we will read and dream,
snack and tell stories,
and if the faeries show up we will
save a bit of pixie dust for you.


  1. What lucky fairies to live in your garden! I love the little pebble pathway and the wee round windows!
    Our girls are all fairy mad. Yesterday we were building fairy houses at our local national trust park. I'll have to post pictures on the blog!

  2. Oh, OH! your double delight kiddos built such a wonderful fairy kingdom. Glorious. Thanks for sharing it with us, Amy.