to embrace rhythm {aka how to fight anxiety in times of change}

there is such a slowness to these spring days,
a creeping of warmth and life,
beauty transcending,
rhythms making way for hours of unscheduled joy,
of just being,
of breathing in and breathing out through
our days. when
change is coming and
you can taste it oh so close,
it's these days,
these life giving, simple, everyday moments that
help to keep our heads
children will grow,
boys will leave home,
go to college,
live their own lives in their own ways,
follow their own paths,
the one He set before them in those days
long ago and we,
we find peace by living these
days simply,
by seeking His face,
by continuing on.
There is a reason He makes the sun rise
in the morning,
and set at night,
seasons change and come again
the same time,
every year.
Finding peace in the constants of this life,
knowing the sun will rise again,
trees will drop their leaves as we drop tears,
will blossom once more as we laugh.
And so we live our own rhythms, our own constants,
finding peace in times of change as we
lay under shade of trees {again this year} and
read aloud on quilts as we picnic {as we do every spring},
collect eggs each morning,
snuggle in bed reading each night,
await ripe cherries and
hang diapers in sunshine.
Change is coming.
And we will be okay.
Peace remains.

*sorry for this reposted pic.  it fit here.  all too well*


  1. And there is so much peace here :)

  2. yes, very peaceful, and yet so exciting too for him i'm sure! and, i love baby girl's bonnet.