to weekend, think and write...


this weekend we
strove for beauty in all our doings,
rested off that awful cold,
took walks in the heat of the day and
more by moonlight,
watched dark eyed juncos flit quietly above our heads,
gave blog a makeover,
sent gifts to friends,
played hours of being super heroes {the twins, that is},
drank tea hot and dark,
a lot,
read, as always,
listened to hours of the piano guys,
scribbled words in journals and typed posts awaiting publishing,
remembered people and places and wondered about some
long lost.
it's been real.
it's been a good weekend.

*weekending with amanda*


  1. it always feels good to get posts typed up, waiting to be released into the world!

  2. <3 love that photo of the bird. sounds like a lovely weekend