to dread the d-word

On Friday the nine of us will be at Disneyland.
The Happiest Place on Earth.
*cough, cough*
I am somewhat dreading it.
My mama bought us tickets and is taking us and
my kiddos are extremely excited and
I am extremely not.

I'm imagining people
long lines,
tired, crying baby,
trying to find a place to nurse
the crying baby,
children with too much crap food,
big kids who want to go on big rides,
little kids who can only go on little rides and
are mad they can't go on the big ones,
princesses and mickey mouse.

I would much rather be home snuggling with my baby,
reading my books
{currently The Once and Future King and
For the Children's Sake},
drinking tea,
wrapped up in crocheted afghans wearing
comfy pants.
{you may call this being an introvert.  i like to call it

I'm going to try.
I'm really going to try.
But I might just end up staying home with Pearl and Moses.
I guess we will see.

So tell me,
what do you think I should do?
And if I go, any advice?


  1. Go.
    Have fun.
    Give yourself permission to laugh
    and live vicariously through your children's joy.

  2. "live vicariously through your children's joy"...LOVE it. Exactly.
    I grew up going to Disneyland and so have my sons. We lived down the street when they were little and I worked there so we all got in free. It took a lot of the "magic" (read "stress") out of it for me, because we went so often but it was still wonderful for my boys.
    If you're just going this one time, treat it as such. It isn't your lifestyle. It isn't forever. It's just a moment to enjoy something new. Look for the magic and be excited right along side them. Take lots of pictures. Get the kids disposable cameras to take all the pictures they want of things they want to remember.
    Food is ridiculously expensive if you are eating in the park. Don't get "kids meals", but one regular entree and share, they are big. The Mexican place by Big Thunder Mountain is great!
    Take your time and enjoy what you do get to see. You won't see it all and if you try, you'll ruin it.
    Oh! Have each kid look over the map and choose which ride is most important to them. Be sure to go on it. You CAN do a "child swap" thing on all the big rides, so you don't have to wait in line twice. Talk to the greeter person at the front of the ride you want to go on. They will explain it to you!
    Last thing, I swear! Go as early as possible to opening time. The crowds are busiest between 3pm and 9pm. If you can, go early, take a break, and stay late, or have Grandma come back at night with the older ones.
    Enjoy seeing all the people! And then retreat home to relax afterwards.

  3. We have gone a ridiculous amount of times. I would say, feel free to just SIT and people watch and smell the popcorn. Don't feel like you have to ride all the rides to get your money's worth. Just think of it as an experience, not a goal.
    On Friday (i looked at this website which hasn't steered us wrong) it is going to be packed. SO just prepare yourself.
    here's the disneyland crowd calendar :http://www.isitpacked.com/disneyland-crowd-forecast-predictor-calendar/