to do and fail, ponder and live... a daybook

i'm simply sharing a wee daybook today.
because i posted a really long post yesterday and
my brain and fingers need a rest.

spring has taken over quickly.
it is {way too} hot,
a {small this year} garden has been planted,
flowers are in bloom all around the house,
chicks growing under heat lamps,
hours spent outdoors.
this is the season of scattered, free rhythm.
the season where call of jay in the plum tree in front
beckons us from cozy couch and books,
where night's coolness and open windows are a
welcome reprieve from day's heat and
we stay up way too late feeling breeze,
wishing on stars and
reading those books tossed aside early in day.
rhythms are there,
few steady things that keep us centered,
help us come back to a place of peace and
the known when
we have wandered too far in our
day's adventures.
these are the days when
the sky opens so wide we
need to hold hands and remember
to breathe.  and there is security in that.
for we always have each other and
our heart beat-like rhythms
to grab us.

an atmosphere of love,
gentleness and
respect.  a home where grace reigns and
learning is beautiful.
{failing, often.  often.
but picking myself back up, focusing again and
setting forward,
one foot in front of the other.}
oh, and working diligently on blanket for most special of friend's baby.
i have to knit speedily for she is moving soon.
pretty sure i'll have to mail it.

hmmm... do you really want to know?
my answer to this question is always oh so long.
still re-reading for the children's sake.
also re-reading charlotte mason's philosophy of education,
though this one on the kindle.  i seem to have lost my copy.
maybe someone borrowed it.  i don't remember. oh well.
just started soul survivor by philip yancey and so far,
i'm. in. love.
on the fiction front i'm about to pick up gilead.
i have heard so many amazing things about it, i am pretty excited.
oh and i can't forget the history book...
a child's history of england by charles dickens.
i love reading english history, love our island story
which ambleside uses in its early years, love
birth of britain, used in the upper years, so...
dickens it is.  because i love him too.
so english history and dickens combined.

i've not been thinking too deeply lately or
maybe i've just been thinking too deeply about everything
and so it seems it's not deep... hmmm...
so i'm not really going to share my thoughts here, but more
all the topics that have been rolling around in my brain
as of late.
real education,
true friendship,
our society's view of pregnancy and children,
gentle parenting,
the old has gone, the new has come.
my mind never stops.

spring's sunshine and children's shadows as they play
surprise gifts from a beautiful sweet soul sister

thanks for listening friends,
hope your spring {or autumn, i suppose, depending on where you are}
day is wonderful!


  1. Love the new look here, Amy. And "Soul Survivor" saved my faith. I was about dead in fundamentalism and along came Yancey and gave me CPR. :) You will LOVE Gilead...some of the best writing I've ever read.

    So glad to know there's a YOU in the world.

  2. Nice! Oooo, I would love an inventory of your book shelf. Books call to me, to be written down and saved for future library trips. Lol.

  3. Looks like pleasant times at your house!

    I like your blog make-over ~ so light and cheerful :-)
    We read Carry On Mr. Bowditch about a year ago and really enjoyed
    it. I always remember the part about the Ash Breeze...

    Lovely Spring friend!

  4. Gilead was one of my favourite reads of last year!
    I just love that last picture! Heee :)

  5. precious and delightful as always.