to be good

I just want to thank you all for the flood of kindness after my last post, you know, the one about the now-origami-hate-mail.  Really, your words have meant so much.  This whole blogging, writing, internet thing is kind of heart wrenching.  You put yourself out there and it is either received well or not. And when it's your life, your family, your thoughts, your heart that is out there, it's downright painful when it's not received well.  But I'll use this for growth.  For knowing I don't need to be accepted by everyone.  I am accepted by Christ, by my family, by {most of} you all.  It's good.

So I have just been quietly enjoying my family and this spring weather lately.  Writing, reading, learning, knitting and talking to the husband and the kiddos.  There is peace.  It's good.

I'm in a place of contentment and I know that life is beautiful.  It is. so good.

 oh and one more thing... you should read this post by my dear friend tonia.  really. 


  1. Mmwhaaa. xoxoxo Love that tough guy in the middle pics. What a cutie. (Better not tell him I said that.)

  2. I just found your blog through cu on facebook, scrolled down, and read that beautiful poem on looking up. Thank you for sharing! I read your other posts about wondering whether you should keep writing. Yes! I need to write as well, but usually use a journal. I know how you feel about having to write. Keep doing what you are doing! You have a beautiful family!

  3. I am accepted by Christ, by my family ... and your true friends too :)
    That is all that really matters in the end.
    Those pictures are beautiful!