to take you on a tattour {ha}

after i mentioned being tattooed on
a post the other day,
i had some people asking about them.
so i'm posting a couple.
i have a couple more,
less inviting ones.

this was my first tattoo,
barely 18,
a teenage new christian "shoe gazer"
aka... emo and
a black star with an upside down rose
fit me perfectly at the time.

i got another,
"faith, hope, love" in
chinese characters on my lower back.

then i got this crazzzzzzzzzy one,
done by a childhood friend...

and so that's a semi-tour of my tattoos.
i've been wanting another for years but
haven't been able to justify the expense.
i want birds flying amongst the cattails on
the side of my right calf.
maybe one day...

in other news...
moses has been wearing this hat today.
he is incredibly adorable.

ruth fell and scratched up her legs.
we rubbed some tea tree oil on the scratches and
then she rested on the couch with a kindle and some dolly parton.
i've told you before of the twins love for dolly.
they discovered her on their own and
absolutely adore her.

it would appear pearl jean is
going to be the next dolly fan...

currently layla and josiah are reading
josiah is way into the 39 clues right now,
which goes along with his spy/detective interest and
layla is reading the lost years of merlin series by
t a barron.
it's like 80 degrees today and i am so not ready
for heat.
so it should go away.
for awhile.

i have some chai waiting for me and
some twins who have finished watching dolly and
are ready for me to continue reading
a wrinkle in time
to them.
oh my love for madeline.

i hope the rest of your day is peaceful and


  1. your babies have the sweetest faces. Mike and I talk about getting wedding band tats,but we haven't gotten around to it yet. :)

  2. :) I've got to get around to a tatoo post one of these days.
    We are all big Dolly fans in this house! She is fab, how could anyone not love her?