to share needs {because that's what we are here for}

so an interesting thing happened.
last night i posted our grocery list.
and i received some interesting responses.
most were completely pleasant.
i had three emails where friends commended my honesty and
told me they would be pouring over the list in
the days to come.
and then i had this one response.
this one email from someone i don't know who
told me to get food stamps.

see i don't write this blog in order to "get help".
i write this blog as a journal of my family and
with hope that it can be an encouragement to others.
and i am completely honest in what i write but
not completely open.  some things i keep private,
some things are just for us.  i don't think my family
needs to have every moment of their lives
documented for everyone to read and our
struggles all over the internet.  i share them sometimes,
but not always.
so it was difficult to say,
hey we don't make a ton of money and
yes, i know that's a choice we make by me not working
so i can be home with our children, and yes,
we have decided to have a billion of them.
but the neat thing is,
God always provides for us.
we have never gone without.
and He has often done it in the most interesting ways.
and though i do not look down on anyone
who gets government assistance,
and though i know we could get a ton of it,
we choose not to.
we trust God to care for our needs and He does.

i shared before the difficulties we have found in the church
when being honest about our needs.
and it is heartbreaking. i know that others have the same struggle.
they have needs and they are afraid to share them
with their brothers and sisters for fear
of being looked down on, being ignored, etc.
and yet... 
So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith {gal. 6:10}
Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others {phil. 2:4}
and that is what i want.  i want us,
as the church,
to be open with each other.
to say hey, these are my needs and
if there's anything you can do, please do.
it shouldn't be scary or embarrasing.
it should be easy and expected.

and so i began.
i have shared our needs.
if there's anything you can or want to do, please do.
and if you have any needs,
please share them with me.  i want to help you.
we are the Body. we are family.
let's act like it.

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