to ramble about gay marriage and other light topics :)

This is a completely rambly post.
There is no flow or rhyme or reason.
Read it if you dare...

I'm a bit backwards in my days.
The husband has had Sundays off at work since before
we were married and now,
since we are out of the institution and
his work was begging for someone to work Sundays,
he has changed his schedule and now has Friday and Saturday off
instead of Sunday and Monday.
And this has completely screwed me up.
But I think it's a good thing,
to shake things up a bit and
being the free spirits that we are,
it doesn't really matter what days he is home and
what days he works.
So for now I'm all screwed up, thinking it's later in the week
than it is. But I also feel a bit lighter,
because freedom will do that to you.

When I was 14 I was not yet a christian.
I met a boy.
He was an amazing musician and we clicked immediately.
He became one of my best friends.
He was gay.
We spent the next few years hanging out tons,
he went to some of my school dances with me as my date,
I was the number one "groupie" to his band.
We checked out guys together.
When I was 17 I became a christian. 
And I knew that christian's were supposed to think being gay was wrong.
And I was a baby christian and didn't know much about that.
But I was confused.Because see, I had this friend {and others, but him especially} and
what? Was I supposed to drop him?  Tell him he was wrong?
Act all better than him? Now I may have been new but
that didn't seem very Christ like.
So I didn't change anything.
I loved him still.
I hung out with him still.
He was still gay.
And I still love him.

So I guess I'll talk about this whole gay marriage thing.

I must be a glutton for punishment.
I am a christian.
I think gay marriage should be legal.
Well, first and foremost,
I don't actually believe that marriage is a government sanctioned thing.
Marriage is God ordained.
That being said, the marriage which the government sanctions is
completely different and is a right which our government grants.
If the government only grants a right to certain citizens who fit
a certain mold, shame on them.  The marriage which our government grants
should be granted to all. 
Not to mention I would like to attend the wedding of my aforementioned friend.

Now, you may ask,
what about those who say they are christian, gay and want to be married?
Well, just like anything else in life,
that is between them and God.
I will love them just the same and allow them to have
their own walk with God. And I pray God blesses their union,
just like for anyone else.

And here's one more thing to possibly get me blacklisted.
If you notice I said marriage is God ordained, not government.
So the logical conclusion of that is if two christians say they are married,
they are married.  Who cares if they had a ceremony and got a license?
It's between them and God.

Do you notice my theme here?  It's between them and God.
Let people have their own walk with God.
We are so not the judge.  And that is such a good thing.

Here's a cute picture of Pearl.
Just to help you remember you like me
now that you think I'm crazy :)

Love you guys {hope you still love me}!


  1. excellent! i had been browsing the blog world the last few days and came across several blogs that were written by feminist lesbian atheist women. i started to get the impression that they thought they had to be atheist to be either of the other two. and it made me so very sad. God makes no mistakes, and i too believe that marriage is very much a God thing and not a government thing. your rambling cheered me up for the day, because i had read some things this morning about the gay marriage issue that i wished i hadn't. :) i like how you write about these light hearted topics. you do it very well you know.

  2. Good post, Amy :)I agree with you.
    I wonder though, if your perfectly happy healthy son or daughter said to you one day that he/she was attracted to the same gender when they hit puberty or around that age and they wanted you to tell them if that was a "less than perfect" way to be?? Or would you 100% support them still?
    Would you still say: "that's between you and God"? I guess what I'm getting at is sometimes we either fully accept something as God's perfect creation or we don't. Our kids want our complete affirmation and I was just wondering if it was closer to home would you or others respond a bit differently :)
    I felt the need to examine this for myself and I came to the conclusion that I would happily and 100% support my child as a gay person :)
    I'm really hoping this comes across as a positive dialogue not a debate style conversation...

    1. Great question Jess and so difficult isn't it? I know I can't really predict what I would do or how I would feel but I do know that I would love and support them regardless, know their life was in God's hands and trust Him. I certainly hope I wouldn't offer them negativity. I for sure need to continue to work on myself :)

  3. Thanks for your response, Amy :)