to hang with a rocket scientist and some cool kids

these days i have been in love with


my grandparents came to visit and
being with them makes my heart glad.
grandpa is 93,
he fought in world war 2 and
then worked for nasa {jpl},
helping to build the voyager.
he amazes me.
grandpa's name is kermit.
hence the hat.
and moses is named after him.
yes, moses' full name is
moses kermit.
he has certainly stolen his great grandpa's heart.

grandma raised ten kids.
and she is lovely.

the past few days we have been receiving
awesome gifts in the mail.
and i cannot thank you dear readers

and then there's pearl's new thing.
one arm out of the shirt,
one hand in the diaper.
it's pretty constant and
pretty cute.

now four littles are in bed,
daddy's watching some tv with ian and
layla and josiah are outside
and yes it's dark and getting cold
but scootering they are.
and i am breathing.
that's good.

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