to be a loner

i have been talking to some friends about
being a loner.
and so i decided to repost this.

i'm just strange.
i don't fit in anywhere,
never have,
though the reasons have changed.

i don't fit in with women with kids my three oldest's ages
because i am so young.
i don't fit in with women the same age as me
because i have kids too old.
i don't fit in with typical christians
because i think too differently.
i don't fit in with the intelligentsia, thinkers, philosophers
because, well, i'm christian.
i don't fit in with other moms
because i have too many kids.
i don't fit in with other large family moms
because i don't wear jumpers and i'm not conservative enough.
i don't fit in with the conservative christian crowd
because i have too many tattoos.
i don't fit in with the tattooed crowd
because i believe in the Bible and educating my children at home.
i don't fit in with my family {mother, siblings- though i love them to pieces}
because i'm christian and they think everything i do is crazy.
i don't fit in with fast paced modern people
because i am slow, intentional and could {and will} live my entire life without an iphone.


now you know the ugly truth.
a loner.
will you be my friend? :)


  1. If I lived closer I would be your friend and I would hug your babies and I would encourage you.

  2. It's not an ugly truth! It's beautiful! Each of us are different and I've long ago given up on trying to fit in anywhere. I'm a loner too. And I've decided that it's just how God made me to be. So I'm happy here! I love your family and how you're raising them to love. Love is the most important part of life all around. Without love we are nothing! Sending love!

  3. I'm a Grammy of 6 and I have been reading your posts for about a year. Been watching your dear precious family and how you are raising them and loving them. Your posts are so sweet and I wish I lived closer; I would totally be your friend and invite you over for tea! :) Be encouraged; God made you special! Sending you a hug -- and that sweet Pearl; she just makes me want to kiss her cheeks!

  4. Never believe the lie that you don't fit in. You may hold different opinions, have a different sized family, but you are an irreplaceable part of the Body and yes, of course, you are a 'friend' - across the miles and thru the beauty of internet connections.

    1. our miles aren't THAT far diana! we have to get together one of these days :)

  5. I thought we were friend. ;) <3

    1. Oh yes. Of course we are! I love you jodi.

  6. I think I would fit in with you...and vise versa :-)