to be awesome

Somedays I wake up and
I am a complete mess.
I just can't get it together.
Breakfast is a disaster,
house is thrashed and
kids have declared battle against everything and everyone.
By ten I already feel like an utter failure
and I just want to crawl under a rock and hide away until
someone comes and cleans the house and makes
a peace treaty with the little people.

But it's not going to happen and
if I don't get a grip and get down to business,
chaos will continue and grow and my
sense of failure will consume me.

And so I hit the bathroom,
the one place in the house I occasionally have to myself (but not usually)
and get a glimpse of my failed, worn and weary self in the mirror.

"Hey," I say to self in mirror.
"Get a grip. You are not a failure."

Then maybe I splash a little water on my face.
"Seriously. It's okay."

By now there's a bit of light breaking through.
"Hey! You're a child of God.
You are freaking awesome!"

And it's true.
I am.

You too weary mama.
Lonely, worn out, ready to quit.
You are freaking awesome.
Truly, and
don't forget it.

*my daughter layla cringed when taking this picture. she rolled her eyes a lot.  and my son josiah told me i should replace the awesome with dorky.  i am freaking dorky.  well, it's true.  i am.  but i don't care because even if i'm dorky i am still FREAKING AWESOME!*


  1. *sigh* I needed this, today. *sigh*

  2. Yep we're all FREAKING awesome!

  3. You make me *smile*!
    I wish you were my neighbor!
    and btw, THAT is a super adorable picture of you!
    Keep preaching it lil mama!

  4. Ok, you truly are adorable. and awesome. and so am i. and so are all of your other readers. yay, us!