to take a break from it all...

i'll be taking a break of undetermined length from this here blog and facebook.
if you want to stay in contact with me during that time feel free to email me
{you can find my email on my profile page}.
blessings to you friends.


  1. Missing you already.xox Blessings on your time of quiet.

  2. PS I stink at keeping up with e-mails please don't lose touch with me.

  3. I will miss your blog, sorry you are leaving but I do understand with children and all it has to be hard to keep it all going. Like a balancing act. But do know your readers will miss you.

  4. Will miss you Amy :)
    Take Care friend.

  5. Thank you guys. But don't worry, it's not forever, I will for sure be back... just need some time :)... and thoughts for the day, you are one of my longest readers, you mean so much to me. I promise to come back and it might not even be that long bc really, what am I going to do when my brain is exploding with words?! :) love you guys!