to return to the blog and talk about quiet brains

so it's only been two weeks and i am back.
i really missed blogging.
i did not miss facebook and i am not sure if
i will be going back there anytime soon.
two weeks without facebook and this is what
i accomplished...

  • got half of a manuscript written and the proposal {this is the project i was talking about}
  • prayed the hours daily
  • played with my four littles a ton
  • finished two knitting projects
  • finished reading three books i have been trying to finish forever
  • cleaned/simplified/organized/rearranged four rooms
  • spent hours outdoors with kids nearly everyday
and even more than my productivity was this...
my brain was quiet.

i didn't know what everyone was doing and
what everyone thought about everything all day
if someone wanted me to know something,
they called.
we spoke.
and they only told me the things that would matter
to me.
my brain wasn't filled with so much nonsense and clammer.
and because my brain was quiet and not overwhelmed with
random people's lives,
i heard more.
i heard my children's laughter.
i heard the woodpeckers hammering oak trees and
squirrels yelling at each other.
i heard the billion stories my children told me.
i looked in their eyes and they knew i heard them.
i heard husband's unspoken needs and connected with him,
days were beautiful, long, slow, intentional with no
mindless interruptions of nonsense.

do i miss facebook?  not for a second.  


  1. You inspire me to try the facebook fast, again. Curious to know: when you say you missed blogging, do you mean writing, reading, or both? At times, I've gotten as fired up in the blogosphere (or moreso) as I have on facebook, and I find it equally time-sucking.

    1. Mainly writing. I need somewhere to voice my thoughts and I love having this space as a journal of sorts for my children. Reading can be as frustrating as fb for sure, that's a great point.

  2. I'm finding I have less and less time for the computer (unless, like today, I'm totally sick and sedentary). I sometimes wonder how I used to deal with it before, when I spent so much more time on it. Maybe it's because I have 3 kids. Sometimes I am sad I don't have time because I love my cyber friends so much :)

    1. At least I get to be considered real now :)

  3. Lovely post.
    I do facebook to share the Lord with others. I mostly post encouraging words, sayings or songs. So for me it is a type of ministry but I do understand if I had children it would be way more important to spend time with them NOW than sit in front of a computer chatting with on line people. Good job mom.
    Those little ones are adorable.

  4. oh another thing about blogging.
    I have put my 2010 and 2011 in the form of a hard back book and given them away as gifts. My next hurdle is creating the 2012 one now. SO blogging can be a permanent way of recording your life kind of like a scrap book of sorts only on line.

    1. That's a wonderful idea, I should look into that. Thanks!

  5. I love you and JoAnn. I'll always be grateful to cyber space cause that's how we met. :)

    1. Oh I love you too! And you are as much a real friend as any, even though we've not yet shared that tea.

  6. Amy,
    I am glad you are back, and it sounds like your hiatus did you good. I have been off of FB since last summer, and have not missed it at all. I find the connection there shallow and I always ended up feeling very peevish after being on it. I just wanted to say also(hope this doesn't sound weird) that your blog is one that really resonates with me and I can tell what I thoughtful and intentional person you are. Thanks again for sharing your heart with us.