to recap the beauty of a week


this week we...
celebrated moses' third birthday
ran our hands through the cool sand at the beach
spent the days outdoors, playing, laughing, exploring
enjoyed warmer temperatures
ate supper early
prayed for and celebrated a friend's new baby
wrote stories and read them aloud
had many productive learning days
held hands and gave hugs
felt excitement at eldest child's next steps in life
considered quitting facebook and blogging
read and knit of course, a week {day} cannot pass by without them
drank numerous cups of tea
cooked supper for two hours only to screw it up and
have to drive to the store to find something quick, gluten free and healthy
danced in the mornings to elizabeth mitchell
watched a baby/toddler run around, wave, and say "i uh oo" and
sighed, this goes way too fast.
patched up an old quilt
fell into bed completely content

so, how was your week?

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  1. You would really consider stopping your blog? I hope not. Have read it for quite some time now and enjoy it. Take care.