to fish, scope out poison oak and be ready for spring

so there's this lake nearby and
it is quite majestic.
filled with quiet and calm, we
spend many a day along it's banks.
husband and the kids love fishing and i,
i take those moments to sit and
read, knit, just. take in the beauty of
the place.
{and chase babies and scan for poison oak and
redirect the littles over and over as they try to
venture into the poison oak}
many spring and summer days we go,
we picnic and fish and
embrace slow rhythms of glorious lake.
by the end of summer we are more than ready to
disassemble poles and say goodbye to the
red winged blackbirds, cattails and still of

until the winter begins to fade.
and spring peeks around the corner.
with a bit of a chill we will head back and
begin those long, slow lake days again.
and so this past week we did.
a first lake trip of the year.
nothing biting quite yet,
but the peace,
the stillness,
the air which blows real life,
they were waiting.
and welcomed us.

*speaking of spring being right around the corner,
the spring edition of rhythm of the home is up today and
you can find my piece here.*


  1. Amy,
    Thank you so much for the encouragement on my ROTH essay and I really loved your piece too. I so understand those emotions of letting the eldest go. It is painful, but I know that you have done a great job, although I know that we all sometimes doubt ourselves as parents. ( I was reading your other piece from earlier in the week too...) My heart is with you in this transitional season.
    Peace and love,

    1. Thank you Emmie! Guilt free here finally! Woohoo :)

  2. I miss fishing so much. Most of our dates (before we got married) were spent fishing at a nearby lake, and then we did some when the kids were little. But it's been years now. We always say we're going to renew our licence and get back out there, maybe this year. Love you, Amy.