to winter at the ocean

for all my longing to live where it snows and
all of my winter jealousy i proclaim from this little place,
i sure do love my ocean,
that expanse of blue {more like greenish brown},
millions of grains of cool sand between my toes and
the freedom that a breath of ocean air brings.


somebody turned three {yes, his name is moses}
and we celebrated by heading out to the beach.
we started at our typical go-to beach, right over the hill
but it was too windy for the little man and so we drove down
to another beach {this one with a playground} and
spent our day playing, gathering,  and hand holding.

so no,
we can't go out on a winter day and build a snowman or
taste a freshly fallen snow,
but we can
wade in the wide ocean water,
gather sea glass and get our little baby bottoms covered with sand.
and it's days like these that help me breathe a little easier,
that make the acedia flee and contentment settle deeply in my soul.
it's days like these,
when we roam as free spirits,
tied down to nothing but God, His land and each other
that i can fall in bed with nothing but gratitude and
pure joy.
and so i will.
we live this life and it is beautiful.
and now my boy is three.

1 comment:

  1. Happy Birthday Moses!
    I'll swap a bit of our snow for some of your sand Amy :)
    What beautful happy pictures!