to speak of that dark night...

tonight i hurt and demons
that i used to know threaten to
return and
battle peace which has
been my friend.

where do you turn when pain
lurks around every corner and
shadows are consuming,
pulling you deeper?

i write of hope because i know
it rescued me once upon a time and
with hope came the others...
faith, peace, rest, joy, love.
but does that mean that i am not stalked
by that which longs
to take me back?
i hurt.
i cry.
i fail.
i despair.
i worry.

you know those nights when you feel
when all that comes to mind
brings tears?
i have them too.
they make my eyes heavy and my
heart ache,
desperation flooding soul.

we may know hope now.
faith, Peace, joy, rest, Love.
but that doesn't mean we don't
i know you ache,
so do i.
i know you are broken,
so am i.
i know you are desperate,
so am i.
i know you grasp for breath, tears falling,

we are not so different.
and we are not alone.

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  1. Praying Amy. And sending so much love. I know exactly what you mean, and no you are not alone friend.